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Invisible 3Hook Waist Shaper

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Out with old in with the new , Over the years we had so many girls telling us you need to come up with something that gives you the compression makes you sweat & with invisible hooks ! Hmm.. We listened now we have the new 3 row waist trainer with invisible hooks this waist trainer makes you sweat , Gives you the compression for waist shaping and 3 rows for a more prolonged use , This waist trainer is long torso around 12 in long with strong latex material and durable 3 rows of hook and eye closures . Now you can wear a waist trainer and the hooks are hidden how great is that Simply hook and cover the hooks with the thin lycra material and viola !!!! No show invisible waist trainer ..


Midsection control (Latex corset will give you an automatic hourglass figure)
Increased thermal activity (Latex will increase perspiration and you will target those hard to reach fat deposits.
Mobilizes fat cells
Stimulates perspiration
Support your back through compression
No show invisible hooks brings an extra layer of Spandex for maximum flexibility and mobility

Latex band (waist cincher)
Hook and Eye Closure
Three rows of adjustable hooks
Spandex cover for hooks with adjustable velcro
Flexi-boning (new technology replacing Steel-Boning - safer and less harmful to the body)
Cotton Lining ( It has an inside cotton lining to protect the skin against irritation from the Latex).